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Felicia Strati is a local talent who uses her Sacramento boutique to bring in styles from all over Europe to the Sacramento area.  When picking clothing for her self-titled boutique, Felicia Strati not only looks for aesthetics but also for a sense of feeling in her clothes, claiming that she feels, freedom when she shops In Italy , elegance when she shops in France and pride when she shops in Greece! Thus, this expert boutique exudes such care and innate dedication, certainly a result of an attentive and passionate shopkeeper. Strati just has a knack for picking the best of the best.  Felicia is a stylist in her own right.  With a fully stocked store that shows both precision and passion, Felicia Strati’s boutique down on 1901 Capitol Avenue guarantees a stylish adventure and a taste of international fashion just ready to be explored.

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